Bachelor of Arts – Legal Studies Major:

The B.A. in Legal Studies program is specifically designed to suit students coming from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Prior to your application, we’ll thoroughly examine your academic history to determine exactly what courses will still be needed to complete the program, and which requirements you’ve already satisfied.

If you’re applying for the program with no prior collegiate credit, general education and pre-requisites can be taken through Dominican University’s partnership with the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU). You’ll be able to register for these courses through Dominican, which allows you to complete the entire 120 credit hours entirely online, if it suits your academic needs.

You can also take a course that examines how to prepare portfolios highlighting non-classroom experiences that may carry academic value. Additional credit for Prior Learning can then be pursued through the same review process.

Total Credit Hours (120)

Proficiency Requirements (9 credits)
- EN 102 Composition II or equivalent (3)
- MT 150 Contemporary Math or or MT 170 Finite Mathematics (3)
- Religion elective (3)

General Education Requirements (21 credits)
- SPCS 200 Adult Learning Seminar (3)
- Social Science courses (6)
- Natural Science courses (6)
- Humanities courses (6)

Legal Studies Major Requirements (21 credits)
- LS 300 The American Legal System (3)
- LS 301 Legal Research & Writing (prerequisite: EN 102 Composition II) (3)
- LS 320 Religion & the Law (3)
- LS 321 Law & Economics (3)
- LS 322 Philosophical Basis of the Law (3)
- LS 325 Contracts (3)
- LS 400 Legal Ethics (3)

Legal Studies Electives (Choose total of 21 credits)
- LS 302 The Paralegal Profession (3)
- LS 323 Freedom of Speech (3)
- LS 324 Civil Rights (3)
- LS 340 Negotiation Theory (3)
- LS 350 Employment Law (3)
- LS 351 Criminal Law & Procedure (3)
- LS 352 Civil Litigation (3)
- LS 353 Family Law (3)
- LS 354 Estate Planning (3)
- LS 355 Real Estate Law (3)
- LS 356 Administrative Law (3)
- LS 357 The Uniform Commercial Code (prerequisite: LS 322 Contracts) (3)
- LS 499 Legal Studies Internship (3)
- Up to three additional 200-level or higher social sciences courses with approval
of Assistant Provost

General Electives (48 credits)

In addition to Legal Studies courses, students must earn 48 general elective credits.

All students in the online program are required to begin with SPCS 200 – Adult Learning Seminar. The course includes lessons in navigating our online learning environment so students can have the tools needed to succeed.

Earn a BLS degree from an institution that has been working toward social justice for more than a century.

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